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TONIC EVENTS provides integrated services which range from the elaboration of the promotion mechanisms, concept, equipment production, data base to promotion execution, evaluation and report. In the field of BTL, TONIC EVENTS guarantees for competence and expertise in: sampling, demonstration, sale prize (instant prize), lottery, events management (special events, sales conference), and outdoor and horeca activities.


Original Concept

Any campaign should stand out through original ideas. And that's what we do! Either we are talking about matters concerning the visual aspect, the written content, tone or other related aspects, we are able to increase popularity and attractiveness of any product or service you wish to brand.


Promoters and well-trained supervisors

Our data base contains over 400 promoters in Bucharest and 400 all over the country, which means we are able to cover efficiently national campaigns. Every week, we renew our data base, through a process of continuous recruitement of proficient and well-trained supervisors.


Depending on the complexity of the campaign - we make sure that every promoter/supervisor has understood completely the message we want to promote.


  • Through a system oriented on additional supervision dedicated to each campaign developed, we guarantee a quick feedback in real time.

Flexibility, innovation, quick response

  • As minor or bigger probems are prone to occur during the implemention of any BTL campaign, all sums up to a quick solving of all these obstacles, without interfering with the campaign's development. During all these years of achieved competence, we learned how to manage any problems, by applying efficient solutions in order to achieve the best results.

Optimal Price / Quality Matrix

  • We'd rather develop 3 different campaigns with the same customer, to gain profit as for one campaign, building a strong reliable relationship with that particular customer. It's no secret that the agency has to gain from projects, so we are very transparent in which regards how budgets are made. 




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